Month May 2023

11th Annual Ceremonial Review

Marksmanship and Standard First Aid Badges

On Wednesday, May 10, qualified cadets were awarded marksmanship proficiency badges of Marksmen, First Class Marksman, and Expert Marksman. These badges reflect their skills and achievements in shooting with accuracy and precision. They were awarded based on the scores from… Continue Reading →

May CO’s Parade

This May 3rd, 8 Globemaster Squadron had the last CO’s Parade of the 2022-2023 training year. Cadets gathered for our monthly CO’s Parade in preparation for our Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) in just over a month. Cadets had great uniform,… Continue Reading →

Debate Competition

8 Globemaster Squadron, as a proud participant of the Annual Air Cadet Debating competition, sincerely thanks our host for the invitation to be one of the twelve teams competing. On April 30th, Cpl Sun J, Sgt Chit K, and FSgt… Continue Reading →

Marksmanship Day

Marksmanship is the sport of precision and accuracy always aiming for the bullseye. On Sunday, May 7 cadets were invited to participate in this year’s “Marksmanship Day,” and learned all about the Daisy 853c air rifle including the sport of… Continue Reading →

Band Competition

On May 7th, 351 Silver Star Band Invitational took place, and the 8 Globemasters band participated. The band cadets consistently practiced every week since September, and their hard work paid off as they placed second in the supplementary routine category… Continue Reading →

KitShop: Mess Tickets & Hoodie

Visit the 8 Globemaster Kit Shop and buy now! Mess/Awards dinner tickets and squadron hoodies are only unavailable until Wed 10 May. You can also shop online for basic items that were previously available in the canteen: items like polish,… Continue Reading →

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