To learn and find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the great activities, and optionals teams and clubs cadets can participate in, click on the questions below or access Optional Teams and Clubs for full details and signup information.

Just some of the basic reasons: Resumé booster, experience working as a team member and leader, friendly community, learn about leadership, aviation, physical fitness, citizenship, and more!

Go to our squadron website for information on How to Join.

Our social media pages (Instagram and Facebook), the squadron website, within cadets through training, through emails, and speaking with other cadets, staff or SSC members.

An opportunity to meet and work with many different people and develop organizational skills: time management and interpersonal skills are some highly-valued skills that may be acquired throughout the cadet experience, you will also have opportunities to understand the importance of teamwork and effective communication.

Being able to sign up for ground school and have the opportunity to be a Glider or Power pilot, and learn more about aerospace in general – all extremely beneficial to people who want to go into the aviation industry. You even have the opportunity to fly in a glider.

We keep saying it, it’s all the opportunities available to gain experience and skill. You get experience in responsibility, camaraderie, leadership, and it helps you grow as a person, leader, cadet, team member, and everything else. You also make great relationships in cadets- whether that’s with friends, mentorship relationships, or senior cadets.

There are many Optional training teams and clubs outside of weekly training, where cadets can participate and have fun. It is a great way for cadets to learn things that you don’t learn on Wednesday night training. Some teams even participate in competitions!

There are many ptional trainings, ranging from marksmanship to media to swim to outdoors, and many, many more. The number of teams and clubs available ranges from year-to-year. There are leadership and team opportunities, and you’re bound to find one that you like. If you don’t, then take charge and create one! For a full description of what each of our current-year teams do, follow this link to the Optional Teams & Clubs page.