Month November 2021

Time to Change

Starting this Wednesday 24 Nov 2021, we will be switching from summer dress to winter dress (C3D). If you are in need of a refresher, you can find Dress Instructions in the Protected section of this site. Your Flight Commander… Continue Reading →

SSC Silent Auction

Get ready for the Squadron Sponsoring Committee Silent Auction. It will be held on December 4 & 5, 2021 benefitting the cadets of 8 Globemaster squadron, and will be conducted via Facebook events! Preview begins December 1, 2021. Register now,… Continue Reading →

Completed No Stone Left Alone Project

We would like to thank all the cadets that participated in the No Stone Left Alone project. This successful event has allowed 8 Globemaster Squadron to recognize and honour our local veterans. Just some follow up information for those who… Continue Reading →

Battle of Britain

October 31, 1940, 81 years ago, marked the end of the Battle of Britain between Britain and Germany that occurred for 4 months, with the victory of the Royal Air Force. It is also known as the Air Battle of… Continue Reading →

Orienteering Team Recruitment

Looking for a new sport to excel in? Are you interested in participating in a fun sport where you will improve your physical fitness all while doing a multi-terrain scavenger hunt? If so, join this year’s orienteering team! We will… Continue Reading →

Squadron Halloween Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in the squadron wide Halloween Contest! Here are the winners: The winners of the Sqn Halloween event on Saturday 20 Oct 21, each get a $10 gift card: Costume Contest – FCpl Chau, C…. Continue Reading →

Band Recruitment

Want to play music and gain transferable skills for life? Join Band, no experience required! We march, make formations, and dance while making music in the squadron and in competition! Some of the highly regarded cadets in our squadron like… Continue Reading →

Marksmanship Team Recruitment

Marksmanship club is a fun club where you will learn how to use the Daisy 853C air rifle, master your skills in marksmanship, train your physical and mental health, and other more fun activities. Signup link can be found in… Continue Reading →

Effective Speaking Recruitment

Two of the three aims of the cadet programme is to develop the attributes of good citizenship, and leadership in youth. Effective Speaking helps develop these skills by reinforcing cadets’ communication skills. They can develop new relationships, the ability to… Continue Reading →

Media Team Recruitment

Are you interested in journalism, writing, photography, or graphic design? If so, join the Media Team for a fun and rewarding experience!  As the communication bridge between the cadets, squadron staff, and the community, the Media Team does things such… Continue Reading →

Ground School

For many cadets, it was their passion and interest in aviation that drove them to join the cadet program. At Ground School, these cadets are taught topics such as the theory of flight, air law, radio communication, meteorology, and more…. Continue Reading →

Health and Wellness Team

The Health and Wellness Team is a group of cadets who organize and lead activities centred on promoting well-being in our squadron. If you’re passionate about well-being and want to make a difference in our cadet community, apply to join our team now!… Continue Reading →

Halloween Contest Winners – 2021

The Health and Wellness team would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Hallowe’en Challenges event! Here are the winners of each contest: Cookie Baking Contest1st: Sgt Liu, A. Costume Contest1st: Sgt Liu, A. Pumpkin Carving Contest1st: Sgt… Continue Reading →

Vision Impossible: CO’s Challenge

Are you ready for a cadet experience to walk in the shoes of a visually impaired individual? During wars, battles and even common accidents, many people suffer injuries, and some lose their lives. We may never understand what they have… Continue Reading →

CO’s Announcement: Cadet Promotion – WO2 3Nov21

According to CATO 13-02 for promotion to the rank of Warrant Officer 2nd Class (WO2),a cadet must have (in brief): achieved a minimum of “completed without difficulty” in PO 503 (Leadership); participated in the Cadet Fitness Assessment as part of… Continue Reading →

An Unforgettable Day | November 11

Honour those who have served and continue to serve to defend peace and freedom. Make November 11 the most unforgettable day. Click on image to view video, ‘Unforgettable Day.’ #CanadaRemembers

FAQ: How to Wear a Poppy

This Section will provide answers to the most commonly asked questions, and specific details on how to wear the Poppy in accordance with CJCR Dress Instructions. A poppy shall be worn in accordance with CJCR Dress Instructions (on the left pocket… Continue Reading →

Inspirational Words…

“Do not say I cannot! One should think and say – How can I make it happen!”

–Major P. Yu
Commanding Officer
8 Globemaster squadron

“Do not say I cannot! One should think and say – How can I make it happen!” –Major P. YuCommanding Officer8 Globemaster squadron

Biathlon Team Recruitment

Biathlon consists of two sports, so a race includes several laps of cross country skiing with shooting in between. At the Area cadet competition, air rifles are fired on a 10-m range. As with standard competitions, .22 rifles are fired… Continue Reading →

Rocketry Club Recruitment

In Rocketry Club, you will discover in-depth how the subsystems of a rocket work individually and with one another to form a launch vehicle. You will also learn how to use OnShape, a cloud-based Computer Aided Design software and OpenRocket,… Continue Reading →

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