This Section will provide answers to the most commonly asked questions, and specific details on how to wear the Poppy in accordance with CJCR Dress Instructions.

The Poppy is the international symbol of Remembrance.

When you wear a Poppy or display a wreath, you honour the fallen and help Veterans and their families.

Everyone should be encouraged to wear a Poppy as it is a way for all Canadians to honour the memory of the thousands of Canadians who gave their lives in the defence of freedom. 

Traditionally, the Poppy is worn during the Remembrance period, which is from the last Friday in October to the end of the day on 11 November. Poppies may also be worn at other commemorative events throughout the year, such as the Battle of the Atlantic, the Battle of Britain, a memorial service at a Legion Convention and other similar occasions. The Poppy may also be worn by Colour Parties when on parade and by members attending funeral services for Veterans or Ordinary members. 
Cadets of 8 squadron: The Poppy is authorized to be worn on uniforms until  11 Nov 2022.

The Poppy should be worn with respect on the left breast, close to the heart.
Cadets of 8 squadron: the centre of the poppy is black, and you shall not put a Canada pin or any other decoration in its centre. 

 The Poppy is the sacred symbol of Remembrance and should not be defaced in any way. No other pin, therefore, should be used to attach it to clothing.

Source: The Legion – Poppy Manual, April 2019. Poppy Protocol, Section 710.

A poppy shall be worn in accordance with CJCR Dress Instructions (on the left pocket flap of the dress shirt or tunic, as applicable) until 11 Nov 22. A visual is available on page 4A-1 (Fig. 4A-A) of the CJCR Dress Instructions as shown below.