The 8 Globemaster Media Team

We are the communication bridge for the squadron, our cadets and the outside world!

The Media team is a small, select group of cadets who meet weekly through the training year. Members will be required to interview for team acceptance – those with a keen interest in visual arts, photography, digital media production, web development, and/or who have strong written language skills would be a great fit for our team!

The team works with shared assets on public relations and public affairs projects to showcase all things 8 Globemaster squadron is involved with, while helping to encourage cadet communication, parent involvement with SSC needs, and to better bring awareness of our program to the community. Our work is fun and satisfying with tangible products we can show for our efforts.

Projects we undertake may include: social blogging for our media platforms, photography for events and journaling our training year, Annual Ceremonial Review booklet and videography, Dining-in pamphlet, and creating any collateral needed to promote our squadron and highlight our accomplishments.

Optional Teams & Clubs News

What has your club done that you’re proud of? We often share highlights of what our optional teams and clubs are up to. We can include a video, document, or presentation to highlight the fun things we do here at 8 Globemaster squadron!