Month September 2022

Second Recruit Information Session

Congratulations 8 Globemaster on kicking off a new training year! Last week, we had our first official training session, and it went very well. Thank you to our officers and senior cadets for helping. Additionally, it was also our second… Continue Reading →

1st Training Night for Recruits

On Wednesday, September 28th, the recruits for the 2022-2023 training year for 8 Globemaster Squadron participated in their first training night. Everybody was in their white dress shirts, black pants, and black shoes, looking great for the start of their… Continue Reading →

Award Opportunity- Music

Are you a cadet interested in music? Or are you in band? The Air Cadet program annually gives out two awards to cadets who follow one of the each following positions: (a) Air Cadet Pipe Band Musician – Air Force… Continue Reading →

Award Opportunity- Aboriginal

Are you of aboriginal descent? If so, you are likely to be eligible for the Air Cadet League of Canada’s Ecklund Aboriginal Post-Secondary Education Scholarship. As their website states: “Mr. Chris Ecklund is a member of the Presidents Club of… Continue Reading →

Award Opportunities- Flying

For all cadets who have completed their Glider or Power Pilot course within the Air Cadet Program and wish to continue flying, you are eligible for this award. There are two awards: a) The Continuation Flying Training Award (CFTA) b)… Continue Reading →

First Recruit Information Session

The recruiting session on September 14, 2022 was a big success After two years of COVID-19, we finally held our recruiting session back to in-person. There were over 40 parents and youth who had attended this recruitment session. At the… Continue Reading →

Post-Secondary Scholarship Opportunities

The Air Cadet League of Canada (ACL) is pleased to offer prestigious post-secondary education scholarship awards to Royal Canadian Air Cadets. They are the KC Lett Scholarships, the Birchall Scholarship, the Dale Scholarship, the Thomas Colfer Scholarship,  Chris Ecklund Scholarship,… Continue Reading →

First Day Back at Training

Many cadets of 8 Globemaster Squadron have never been in person before, and as we finally go back to our normal in person training schedule, we can definitely say it’s something everybody looks forward to. One cadet shared their experiences… Continue Reading →

Promotions: Congratulations Lt Chung

On the first night of training, all the cadets and staff of 8 Globemaster got to experience the first promotion of the year, of none other than Lieutenant Chung. From Second Lieutenant to Lieutenant, Lt Chung has been a great… Continue Reading →

Earn High School Credits

Do you know about the Co-Operative Education Cadet Program? The Training Year Cadet Co-Op is starting back up once again in partnership between UCDSB and RCSU Central. As long as a cadet is a student of any school board in Ontario… Continue Reading →

Marksmanship: signups now available

Marksmanship Team 2022-2023 Marksmanship is a sport where competitors shoot at targets, which are scored for precision and accuracy. Cadets shoot Daisy Avanti 853c Air Rifles on a 10-m range from both the prone and standing positions. We select around… Continue Reading →

Awareness Campaign: Cadet365

Not on boarded yet? Then you need to understand why it’s important you need to do so as soon as possible. What is MS365?Cadet365 is a collaborative platform for Cadets and Adult Staff across Canada. The platform allows for access… Continue Reading →

IMPORTANT: Annual Validation & Cadet365

Important reminder to all cadets (parents and guardians), please return Annual Validation Forms by 30 Sep2022. Cadets may not be able to participate without completing the form. For assistance with these items please follow the chain of command to the… Continue Reading →

Biathlon – signups now available

Biathlon Team 2022-2023 Biathlon is a Winter Olympic sport consisting of cross-country skiing and shooting. Cadets from our squadron have competed at the Central Ontario Area and Regional (Ontario) competitions. Joining biathlon team is a great way to try a… Continue Reading →

Ground School – Signups are now open!

See squadron website ‘Announcement’ for details. If you have any questions or cannot access the form, please contact WO2 Wang, J., FSgt Li J., or WO2 Li J.

Announcement: First Cadet Training Night

Are you ready? Let’s go! Our first cadet training night will be Wednesday 21 Sep 2022 at 1830 – 2130 in FTU.Use the Chain of Command if you have any questions! Level 1 will start 28 Sep 2022 at 1830… Continue Reading →

Welcome to 8 Globemaster- Leadership Opportunities

As cadets get older, one of the main things on their minds is being able to get leadership opportunities and be able to show their skills in front of other junior cadets and help everybody. 8 Globemaster is a great… Continue Reading →

Welcome to 8 Globemaster – Drill and Discipline

Drill and discipline is one of the core values of the Air Cadet program, and 8 Globemaster does not slack off in this area – all cadets learn the importance of drill and are taught how to do it well,… Continue Reading →

Welcome to 8 Globemaster- Effective Speaking Club

Cadets are not just about marching and flying, there are many different optional training teams, which allow cadets to explore their interests. This includes Marksmanship, Biathlon, Rocketry, Outdoors, and Effective Speaking. Effective Speaking 2IC Sgt Liu, Aniya, talks about the… Continue Reading →

Welcome to 8 Globemaster- Glider Pilot Training

Each year, a few cadets are chosen for the Glider and Power Pilot Training Course, and spend their summers with cadets from all over the country learning how to fly a plane. This year, Sgt Sar, E. was given the… Continue Reading →

Drop off and Pickup Areas

Did you know? The laneway closest to the school is designated an emergency laneway and must not be used for drop off or pickup. Don’t risk getting a ticket! Emergency laneway is marked with red X, do not drive or… Continue Reading →

EVENT: Recruit Info session dates announced

8 Globemaster Air Cadet Squadron is accepting new recruits for this 2022-23 Training Year. Info sessions will be held on: 1) Wednesday, 14 Sep 2022Time: 1900 – 2100 hrs (7 – 9pm)Location: Royal Canadian Legion Branch 375233 Centre St E,… Continue Reading →

Summer Updates & Training Year 2022-23 News

What a busy summer it has been… many of our cadets were seen enjoying themselves in the company of fellow cadets throughout the GTA in CAP 1 and CAP 2, participating in a variety of fun-filled activities and lessons. Overnight… Continue Reading →

Optional Teams – Interactive FAQ

To learn and find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the great activities, and optionals teams and clubs cadets can participate in, click on the questions below or access Optional Teams and Clubs for full details and signup… Continue Reading →

Welcome to 8 Globemaster – CAP 1

8 Globemaster Squadron offers many different types of opportunities for cadets, but our summer training programs that are run by the Royal Canadian Air Cadets are definitely one of our highlights. The testament below from LAC Liu, Anina, shows what… Continue Reading →

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