Do you know about the Co-Operative Education Cadet Program?

The Training Year Cadet Co-Op is starting back up once again in partnership between UCDSB and RCSU Central. As long as a cadet is a student of any school board in Ontario (French, English, Public, Catholic, or even Private) they are eligible for the program – as the credit is linked to their OEN (Ontario Education Number).

Cadets can earn up to 4 credits through the training year version of cadet co-op. It takes 90 hours of cadet activities (training, team practices, uniform prep, lesson prep, etc.) to earn a credit, as well as completion of the pre-placement assignments, tracking their hours on a log sheet, and participating in your ACR. Why not earn some high school credits for what you are already doing!

Access After-School Cadet Co-Op for full details, FAQ and Registration form.