Any current air, army or sea cadet who already has achieved at least one high school credit and is a student in Ontario. This student does not have to be from UCDSB. 

No problem. They are still eligible, however, they should speak to their guidance counsellor to let them know that they are participating in this program. If your child’s school is not supportive, please let us know. Sometimes they just are not aware of the opportunities that cadets offers. 

On top of completing their yearly training with their cadet unit, they will be required to complete the pre-placement assignments, a monthly journal entry, a time log sheet and a final project (A static display at their Annual Ceremonial Review) 

A total of ninety (90) hours of cadet training time is required in order to achieve one credit. 

Your child will be evaluated based on the thoroughness and completeness of the pre-placement work, their monthly journal entries, hours, and final project. The evaluation will be completed by a co-op teacher from UCDSB. 

There will be minimal involvement required from the CO or Trg O of your child’s unit. Other than letting the teacher assigned to the unit know that the cadet has successfully completed their level/phase/star training, there is no other involvement. Evaluation and reporting is completed by the teachers. The cadet training program is delivered by the cadet’s unit, not the teachers. 

No, we will only be counting hours obtained from the current training year. 

Please ensure you contact the co-op teacher assigned to your child and we will work with you to develop a plan. 

Work can be submitted by emailing it to the co-op teacher. 

The co-op teacher will make a minimum of 2 virtual visits with your child. One of these visits will be an initial interview with the cadet. Virtual visits can be conducted online, or by phone call. 

Typically two credits may be granted per training year to a cadet, up to a maximum of 4 credits. 

All co-op credits are linked to a credit your child has already achieved through their school. Co-op does not appear as a credit by itself on a student’s transcript, but rather is displayed as co-op beside a course code of another credit. For this program, most student’s will have their credit linked to civics (CHV 2O) [Other options may be available]. Co-op does not replace a credit your child will need to obtain, but rather is a further exploration of that credit. This credit DOES count towards the thirty (30) credits that a student is required to achieve in order to receive their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. 

Yes, however, only a few co-op credits may count towards the 18 credits. Please ensure you and your child are in communication with your school’s guidance counsellor to ensure your child is on track for graduation. 

Not a problem. Please ensure you let us know at the beginning of the program as co-op is a requirement for SHSM. We will try to ensure this co-op fits the SHSM requirement 

Refer to the After-school Cadet Co-Op Registration Form to apply. 
Completed forms are to be sent to Trg O for verification and CO for signature.

If you have any additional questions, please contact: