Month May 2022

Photo Contest

Hello 8 Globemaster Squadron! We have another photo contest to close out the training year, all cadets are welcome to participate (June 3 to June 10, 2022). The theme of this year’s contest is ”8 Globemaster.” Your photos should include… Continue Reading →


As COVID-19 and its seemingly endless variants continue to exist worldwide, we share with you reminders on how to keep yourself and those around you safe, and help reduce the spread of COVID. It is highly recommended you wash your… Continue Reading →

Ways to Relax and Destress: Day 7

For our seventh and final day, we suggest turning off all your electronics for a day or so, and taking some time to yourself. Obviously, this isn’t feasible with schoolwork, but if you have an hour or so of free… Continue Reading →

Ways to Relax and Destress: Day 6

For our sixth day, we suggest treating yourself to something nice. Making yourself a nice microwavable cake isn’t messy at all, and it’s ready to eat in just 5 minutes! I find that this recipe is really good, and I… Continue Reading →

Operation Reville: this weekend

As you are all aware by now Operation Reveille will be commencing this weekend, as an added reminder Level 3 evaluations will be taking place on the 15th of May, in person at the Legion from 09:00 Hrs until 15:00 Hrs

Cadet promotions: May 2022

CO’s Announcement: The Training Staff have made recommendation for the promotion of the following cadets. With much pleasure and according to CATO 13-02, Major Yu approves and announces these promotions. 1) Promoted from Sgt to Flight Sergeant (FSgt): FSgt Ren,… Continue Reading →

Outdoors: Welcomes MWO Richard Corneau

Good day cadets! On May 13th from 1905hrs – 2030hrs, the Outdoors team will be hosting a guest speaker event! MWO Richard Corneau has given us his time to talk about the Memory Project as well as orienteering, first aid,… Continue Reading →

Ways to Relax and Destress: Day 5

For our fifth day, we suggest sketching or doodling. Grabbing a simple piece of paper and a pen and just drawing whatever comes to mind is a great way to destress and focus on something. Doodling can enhance creative thinking… Continue Reading →

Level 4s In Person

As 8 Globemaster slowly starts to integrate back into in-person training, the Level 4s have been going to weekly drill trainings at the legion to brush up on their drill and get ready for their drill evaluation. They are extremely… Continue Reading →

Ways to Relax and Destress: Day 4

For our fourth day, we’d like to suggest taking a walk. A quick loop around the block can help reinvigorate you, and it’s really calming and soothing. If you can’t focus, we highly recommend taking a walk before trying again…. Continue Reading →

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