Each year, a few cadets are chosen for the Glider and Power Pilot Training Course, and spend their summers with cadets from all over the country learning how to fly a plane. This year, Sgt Sar, E. was given the chance to learn how to fly a glider. She shares her opinions on this amazing course below: 

“This past summer, I was given the opportunity to attend the Glider Pilot Training Course at CTC Trenton and it was definitely an opportunity of a lifetime. It was truly a memorable summer as I got the chance to learn how to fly just a few weeks after turning 16 by some of the best flight instructors in the country. During my time on course, I met lifelong friends from across Ontario and British Columbia and made many great memories. I hope to see many other cadets in the future take advantage of the amazing opportunities the program has to offer; to spend their summer soaring through the skies.”