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ACR – You’re invited

Sunday, June 11th 2023, our squadron’s Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) is approaching shortly! ACR is an annual event in the Air Cadet program which demonstrates our cadet’s Drill to parents and friends and awards are also given out. Cpl Ko… Continue Reading →

Level 3/4 FTX

May 26 to 28 was the Level 3-4 Field Training Exercise (FTX). The days were spent learning lessons, guiding cadets, participating in group bonding activities, and so much more. It was a fun and memorable experience for all the cadets… Continue Reading →

Gliding Day

May 6th, 2023, cadets attended the Cadet Gliding Day. The cadets attending Gliding Day were organized into two groups with different times for each event. This was quite the adventure for many of us, since we were given the chance… Continue Reading →

Marksmanship and Standard First Aid Badges

On Wednesday, May 10, qualified cadets were awarded marksmanship proficiency badges of Marksmen, First Class Marksman, and Expert Marksman. These badges reflect their skills and achievements in shooting with accuracy and precision. They were awarded based on the scores from… Continue Reading →

May CO’s Parade

This May 3rd, 8 Globemaster Squadron had the last CO’s Parade of the 2022-2023 training year. Cadets gathered for our monthly CO’s Parade in preparation for our Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) in just over a month. Cadets had great uniform,… Continue Reading →

Debate Competition

8 Globemaster Squadron, as a proud participant of the Annual Air Cadet Debating competition, sincerely thanks our host for the invitation to be one of the twelve teams competing. On April 30th, Cpl Sun J, Sgt Chit K, and FSgt… Continue Reading →

Marksmanship Day

Marksmanship is the sport of precision and accuracy always aiming for the bullseye. On Sunday, May 7 cadets were invited to participate in this year’s “Marksmanship Day,” and learned all about the Daisy 853c air rifle including the sport of… Continue Reading →

Band Competition

On May 7th, 351 Silver Star Band Invitational took place, and the 8 Globemasters band participated. The band cadets consistently practiced every week since September, and their hard work paid off as they placed second in the supplementary routine category… Continue Reading →

Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) Strike

The PSAC has kicked off their strike on Wed 19 Apr. Keep an eye out on the squadron website for the impact this strike will have on us, look for information through Announcements.

Spring Tagging

Over the course of the weekend, cadets went on tagging shifts across Richmond Hill. The cadets went out into the community to collect money to support opportunities for 8 Globemaster cadet trips and events, such as the March Break trip…. Continue Reading →

April 5 CO’s Parade

April 5th, 2023, the 8 Globemaster Squadron had our 8th CO’s parade this training year! If you don’t already know, the CO’s parade is a monthly event to practice our drill, prepare for our ACR (Annual Ceremonial Review), demonstrate our… Continue Reading →

CO’s Parade: March 1st

On Wednesday, March 1st, 8 Globemaster Squadron hosted their March CO’s parade to honour the Commanding Officer, Captain Li. Cadets showed up in their best ceremonial dress, and all cadets progressed with their best foot forward. Keep the great work… Continue Reading →

Card Making Activity: update

On Wednesday, December 21st, 2022, 8 Globemaster Squadron’s cadets were given the opportunity to create holiday cards. The making of the cards brought joy and brought even more joy to the veterans at Sunnybrook hospital. Not surprisingly, the event was… Continue Reading →

Media Team Holiday Wishes

CFA- Cadet Fitness Assessment

The Cadet Fitness Assessment was conducted on December 14 this year, and our cadets participated in a variety of physical activities to test their endurance and flexibility. Starting off with a stretch, the cadets then split up into their flights,… Continue Reading →

Arcadia Academy of Music

Last weekend on December 10th and 11th, a few of 8 Globemaster Squadron’s very own Media Team cadets had the opportunity to film and take photos at the Arcadia Academy of Music’s Holiday Concert, through CI Palantzas. These cadets were… Continue Reading →

Nov30 Promotions and Medals

On Wednesday, November 30th, senior cadets were awarded their service medals. The air cadet service medal is awarded to a cadet who has four years of honorable service with no serious infractions. A rosette is awarded for every additional year… Continue Reading →

December 7th CO’s Parade and Promotions

On Wednesday, December 7, 2022, it was 8 Globemaster Squadron’s first CO’s parade with Capt Li as commanding officer. Congratulations to all cadets on their exceptional uniform and an excellent march past. Cadets were also recognized through promotions, including promotions… Continue Reading →

SSC Parent Information Night

On December 14, parents were invited to the cafeteria of Richmond Green Secondary School to be introduced to the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) and the staff of the squadron, and were able to learn more about the program they were… Continue Reading →

Holiday Party

8 Globemaster Sqaudron’s annual Holiday Party happened on Saturday, December 10th, and hosted the squadron for a fun mess dinner and an evening of activities and many fun prizes! FSgt Leung R, shares his thoughts on the event below: “The… Continue Reading →

Change of Command and Depart with Dignity

On December 3rd, 2022, 8 Globemaster had our 4th Change of Command Ceremony alongside the Depart with Dignity for our outgoing CO, Major Paul Yu. This Saturday, cadets took part in a parade to honour Major Yu’s accomplishments and achievements,… Continue Reading →

SSC Parent Info Night

This coming Wednesday, December 14, from 7:30-8:30pm in the Richmond Green cafeteria there will be a Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) Parent Info Night. Parents are welcome to meet the SSC and staff to ask questions regarding the Air Cadet program,… Continue Reading →

Level 2 Team Building Activities

November 27th, the level 2s were invited to attend an event about team building! They were introduced to a lot of different activities and games like “Spider-Web”, where everyone forms in a circle, passing a ball while introducing themselves and… Continue Reading →

FTX Coming Back!

In-person FTX is back!  FTX (Field Training Exercise) is an event where cadets spend one weekend learning mandatory and compulsory classes that are a part of their training that can’t be replicated in a classroom environment. For more information such… Continue Reading →

Merry Marketplace Parade

The Merry Marketplace Parade at Richmond Green Park on Saturday Nov 19 was a great event! The Richmond Hill community got to listen to our squadron’s band as they played wonderful music and marched. Great job to all band members… Continue Reading →

10 Year Anniversary Pin

The 8 Globemaster 10 Year Anniversary pin was designed by Sgt Liu B, and authorized to wear by CJCR from 1 Nov 22 to 1 Nov 23. She speaks about her design thoughts and experiences below: For our 8 Globemaster’s… Continue Reading →

Veterans Day Cards

On November 7 from 6:30-9:30pm, Health and Wellness club hosted an event where cadets of 8 Globemaster came in to help make cards for war veterans. FCpl Cho C, 2IC of Health and Wellness, shares her thoughts below: With the… Continue Reading →


Thank you everyone for making this a successful event: from the Legion for planning and organizing; Cadets from executing; and the staff from Holy Cross for accommodating the request and staying behind in the evening. A photo credit to Captain… Continue Reading →

Poppying update

The weather forecast for Sunday 6 Nov 22 is mild and mainly sunny. Participants, be sure to have breakfast before coming to the parade. Light snacks (soup and sandwiches) are available at the Legion after the parade. The Poppy Campaign… Continue Reading →

Halloween activities

On Monday, October 24, 8 Globemaster hosted a series of Halloween activities. Cadets participated in pumpkin decorating and drawing contests, cup pong, pin the legs on the spider, and Kahoot! Sgt Liu A shares her thoughts on the event below:… Continue Reading →

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