Thank you everyone for making this a successful event: from the Legion for planning and organizing; Cadets from executing; and the staff from Holy Cross for accommodating the request and staying behind in the evening. A photo credit to Captain Li for the amazing drone photography.

The Media Team reached out to Sgt Liu B for the following testament:

“The No Stone Left Alone initiative was not just a chance for me to exercise my skills as a leader, as above all, it was a chance for us, as Royal Canadian Air Cadets, to make a difference. Looking upon the rows on rows of flags that mark the veterans who have sacrificed their life for our freedom — it beckons a new, more somber feeling into our hearts. These were people who had friends, families, and loved ones that waited for their return, only to receive world-shattering news. Nothing could beat the feeling of pride when civilians came up to us during the initiative with gratitude in their hearts and tears in their eyes. Lest we forget those who lived and those who died, as that is the single worst thing we can do as a nation.”