The 8 Globemaster 10 Year Anniversary pin was designed by Sgt Liu B, and authorized to wear by CJCR from 1 Nov 22 to 1 Nov 23. She speaks about her design thoughts and experiences below:

For our 8 Globemaster’s 10th anniversary pin, I wanted something sleek but also simple as a design. I took the gold colour form the RCACS coat of arms, and applied to to the 8 Globemaster plane that sits in the middle of the pin. As for the background, the initial design called for varying shades of blue, but I feared the pin might blend into our uniform, so it became black instead. Thankfully, this aided in accenting the white “10,” which was the main focal point, as well as the gold plane. These factors are accompanied by our squadron’s name, 8 Globemaster Squadron, and our squadron’s motto, “Go the Distance,” curved around the pin’s border- all aspects that differentiate our squadron. If you’re wearing this pin, I hope you like it 🙂 And I hope it accurately represents our squadron as a whole. Thank you for giving me this opportunity!