Are you ready for a cadet experience to walk in the shoes of a visually impaired individual?

During wars, battles and even common accidents, many people suffer injuries, and some lose their lives. We may never understand what they have gone through, what sacrifices they have made, because we are the lucky ones.

Therefore, are you willing and ready to try a little bit of their experience and frustration?

The “Vision Impossible!” challenge details:

  1. Cadets should take a look at the “Challenge Report Form” first, before taking the challenge.
  2. Cadets must inform, and explain the “Vision Impossible” challenge to parents and obtain their permission and consent. Parents are the “time keepers” as well.
  3. The duration of the challenge should be in the range from 30 minutes to 2 hours the maximum. The challenge can be stopped at any time, and must stop after two hours.
  4. Participating cadets must discuss with their parents about the intended duration.
  5. The participant will use a “sleep mask” or a scarf to blindfold their eyes in order to give up complete vision, and stay in total darkness during the challenge.
  6. The challenge must be taking place during a normal daytime routine, such as eating a meal, watching television, playing with dogs/cats, having fun with others, etc. (Certainly participants can try doing homework, play video games, read a book, draw a picture, play piano… etc.)
  7. During the challenge, a participant should think about: (suggestions only)
    a) What if, suddenly, I really lost my vision forever?
    b) What changes do I need to make in my future?
    c) What assistance do I need to carry out my future plans?
    d) How would my parents and the others who care about me, feel about my ordeal?

After taking the challenge, please take time to report your unique experience; using this link to the questionnaire:

➢ The Challenge will be closed at 2100 hrs Sunday 14 Nov 21.

Your courage to take this “Vision Impossible!” Challenge is remarkable! After the Challenge, without the “blindfold”, I hope you can see the world again, with New Vision!
– Major Yu
Commanding Officer
8 Globemaster Squadron

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