According to CATO 13-02 for promotion to the rank of Warrant Officer 2nd Class (WO2),
a cadet must have (in brief):

  1. achieved a minimum of “completed without difficulty” in PO 503 (Leadership);
  2. participated in the Cadet Fitness Assessment as part of PO 504 (Personal Fitness & Health Living);
  3. completed six-months as a Flight Sergeant (FSgt);
  4. been recommended by supervising staff;
  5. no current restriction or suspension of promotion eligibility; and
  6. been identified as a successful candidate through the Merit Review Board (MRB) process.

A few years ago, a new recruit came up to me after his first training night and asked,
“When can I become the cadet who stands in front of everyone and give commands?” I
answered that if he could follow instructions well, do his best in attendance, participation,
learn as much as possible, and give his best performance in every opportunity, it would
take him about five years to become the most influential senior cadet in the squadron.
This response still applies today.

There is nothing wrong for cadets to view rank promotions as goals in their cadet career.
However, the better way to consider a cadet promotion is “recognition” rather than
“award”. The subtle difference is people usually work and endure hardships to achieve a
“reward/award”. Meanwhile there are people who find purpose and enjoy very much
what they are doing. They do so well that they easily gain notice and respect from the
others. They should be “recognized”.

The senior cadets in the rank of WO2 have spent time learning and putting in effort to
serve the others. They have become managers and leaders. They are also the role
models for all cadets.

I hereby confirm that the following cadets have successfully gone through the MRB, and
are recommended to be promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer 2nd Class (WO2):
1. WO2 Huang, M.
2. WO2 Leung, A.
3. WO2 Williams, K.

Congratulations to the WO2s.