Want to play music and gain transferable skills for life? Join Band, no experience required! We march, make formations, and dance while making music in the squadron and in competition! Some of the highly regarded cadets in our squadron like WOs emerged from the band with skills of leadership, goal setting, problem-solving and more. Come on Mondays with your instrument and have a wonderful time with the community!

  • Practices: Every Monday at Richmond Green Secondary School

IC: FSgt Li, D
2IC: Sgt Chiu, H
Bandmaster: FSgt Chen, B
Sign-up: contact IC, 2IC, Bandmaster or inquire with your Flight Commander.


Biathlon is a sport like no other, that you probably won’t get to experience outside of the cadet program. As a combination of cross country skiing and marksmanship, you get to compete at different levels representing 8 Globemaster. As well, for those of you who want to improve your physical fitness, this is a perfect opportunity for you. 

  • Practices: Every Sunday at the Richmond Hill Legion Branch 375
  • Area competition date: TBA
  • Dress: Appropriate civilian sports attire

IC: WO2 Forchune, A
Signup: Contact WO2 Forchune, A.


With technology being more and more important in the new age, coding has become an essential skill that now you can also practice here at 8 Globemaster Squadron. You get to expand and build your knowledge around technology and coding with experienced mentors if you join Coding Club! 

Details regarding sign-up and leadership TBA.


As one of the fundamental parts of the cadet program, drill is very important, and where else to learn more about drill than at Drill Team itself?  You can learn more than just marching and turns, you also learn more about proper dress and deportment, compete with your squadron, and the opportunity to be a part of flag party. 

  • Practices:
  • Area competition date: TBA
  • Dress:

IC: FSgt Romero, C

Duke of Edinburgh Award

As an international award, 8 Globemaster helps host it to allow cadets to grow their skills while having the opportunity to give the award a try at all levels. You get to learn how to submit proper plans for each section of your award, and practice skills in the outdoors, volunteering, physical activity and more.

Details regarding sign-up and leadership TBA.

Effective Speaking

If you’re looking for a close knit group of people for you to practice your speaking skills and learn more about doing speeches, you’ve come to the right place. You get to learn tips and tricks in effective speaking, give and get feedback, and communicate effectively with the people around you. 

Details regarding sign-up and leadership TBA.

Ground School

For cadets in level 3 or above who have an interest in becoming a pilot or going into the aviation industry, Ground School is for you. You get to learn about the parts of an aircraft, what goes into flight, meteorology, radio communication and more. After you complete Ground School, you can consider yourself well prepared for the flying training course entrance exam!

IC: WO2 Wang, J, WO1 Li, J, WO2 Li, J

Sign-ups are now closed for the 2022-2023 Ground School year. Check back next year for those interested!

Health & Wellness

Cadets can always take a second to think of the health and wellness of themselves and the people around them, which is exactly what Health & Wellness Club does. With weekly meetings and sometimes even notable guests coming in, you get to learn a lot such as first aid and self-care, leadership and decision making, and so much more.

IC: FSgt Sar, E
2IC: FCpl Cho, C


For those of you who enjoy physical activity or Range Day, you should consider Marksmanship Club. There are so many fun aspects to this club from competing in zone, areas, regional or national levels, practicing marksmanship in a safe environment, building your confidence, physical fitness, shooting skills, and more. 

  • Practices:
  • Area competition date: TBA
  • Dress: Appropriate civilian sports attire.

IC: FSgt Sar, E
2IC: FCpl Wang, A
Signup: Contact Sgt Sar, E


As the communication bridge between the cadets, squadron staff and the community, Media Team supports creating content and posting to our social media pages, and the squadron News website. We are a creative team of communicators, with specialists who take photographs, produce motion graphics video, create graphic art, write blurbs, run virtual activities such as the Would You Rather, undertake design and layout for the ACR, and Dining In booklets, and so much more! Any cadet who finds communications or the arts interesting should look for a chance to join the Media Team.

IC: Sgt Zhu, C
Sign-ups: Due October 10th


The great outdoors needs a way to navigate it- and what other better way than orienteering? If this- or the concept of physical activity, maps, compasses, and challenges- sounds interesting to you, consider joining Orienteering. You get to learn topographical skills and put them to a practical test and gain another skill useful for next time you go camping. 

IC: FSgt Sar, E
2IC: Sgt Lee, C
Sign-ups: TBA

Outdoors Club

Anybody who enjoys the outdoors and physical fitness, or just a new challenge should know about the Outdoors Club. Some of the things that they include are hiking, biking, canoeing, first aid, as well as the core cadet values such as being a part of a team- leadership and teamwork- physical fitness, and problem-solving through difficulty. 

IC: Sgt Chit, K
2IC: Sgt Yu, D
Sign-ups: TBA

Rocketry Club 

As an aerospace based club, one of the things Rocketry Club has done is teach cadets to use OpenRocket and OnShape to design their own low-powered model rockets. Sounds interesting? There’s even more such as the chance to learn more about aerospace, and inspire other adolescents to learn about things such as space news. 

IC: Sgt Chau, C
2IC: Sgt Cho, C