We are proud to share the announcement of Sgt Sar, E. as a recipient of the The Vimy Foundation, 2022 Vimy Pilgrimage Award.

We look forward to her sharing with us this profound experience and opportunity, which consists of a fully funded week-long educational program in Belgium and France to study Canada’s tremendous First World War contribution.

Congratulations Sgt Sar! 

The Vimy Pilgrimage Award gives young Canadians, ages 14-17, the opportunity to immerse themselves in history in the places where it happened.

Source: vimyfoundation.ca

The Vimy Foundation created the Vimy Pilgrimage Award (VPA) to recognize the actions of young people, who are dedicated to the betterment of society, and the youth who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to their community. For more details on this award and how to apply please visit The Vimy Foundation website.