The Air Cadet program is one of the best youth programs out there, and we’re looking to expand our family here at 8 Globemaster, and need your help!

Our cadets where asked to reflect on the great opportunities and experiences they’ve enjoyed, and what stands out for a lot of you, is the fun factor of having joined one or many Optional Teams and Clubs available here at 8 Globemaster.

To help you with recruiting, use this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) printable document. Use it to answer common questions, to reference information on how to join, our social media platforms, and to learn more about the Optional Teams and Clubs offered.

For current cadets, Optional Teams & Club sign-up links are available in the Protected section of this site, click on the top nav “Protected” item.

You will be prompted for a password; reach out to your Flight Commander if you need help remembering what it is.