Why do people fail their New Year’s resolutions?

Please read carefully, and beware any of the following:

  • Overconfidence; going too big 
  • Lack of confidence; self-doubt 
  • No clear, positive, specific goals 
  • No good plans at all 
  • Not knowing why (true reasons) you are doing something 
  • Not ready to make change and put in effort 
  • Treating a Marathon like a Sprint 
  • Trying too hard 
  • Not enjoying the process 
  • No recognition when overcoming challenges 
  • No rewards for achievements made 
  • Lack of patience; giving up too easily 
  • No (social) support; doing it alone (and feeling lonely) 
  • Lack of accountability 
  • Not monitoring plans; no tracking and no reviews 
  • Too much thinking, and not enough action 

 In conclusion, if you want to successfully complete your New Year’s resolution, you should: 

Plan. Act. Review… and repeat!