CO’s Announcement: Cadet Promotion – FSgt 15 Dec 21 According to CATO 13-02, promotion to the rank of Flight Sergeant (FSgt) must have: 

(1) completed at least six months service at the rank of Sgt, 

(2) successfully completed the fourth year of the proficiency level training program, (3) achieved a minimum of “completed without difficulty” in PO 403 (Leadership), (4) participated in the Cadet Fitness Assessment as part of PO X04 (Personal Fitness  & Healthy Living), and 

(5) been recommended by…” 

Flight Sergeant (FSgt) is a senior cadet rank. A higher rank means greater responsibility.  A cadet promoted to FSgt must have met the requirements and deemed to have  potential to achieve more, to become a leader. A leader is only an empty title if the  leader is not respected and followed by the others. The true leader may not be the one  always leading in the front, but is definitely the one who can always show the way to  help the others. 

Cadets promoted to FSgts, are at the beginning of their journeys to learn and practice  leadership. The more they try, the more they gain. Mistakes are inevitable but also  provide valuable learning experience. To set and achieve goals is a life-long process. In  one’s life, the only failure is not to try making any improvements, at all. 

In the Cadet Program, everyone is encouraged and provided all kinds of opportunities to  make achievements. It is all about determination, good planning and self-discipline.  Everyone is reminded to make their best time in the “8 Globemaster family” – To learn,  to serve, and to advance! 

With much pleasure, I hereby announce the following cadets are recommended,  approved and hence promoted to the rank of Flight Sergeant (FSgt): 

  • FSgt Chen, B
  • FSgt Forchune, A 
  • FSgt Ho, A 
  • FSgt Lai, A
  • FSgt Li, J
  • FSgt Li, J
  • FSgt Kim, B 
  • FSgt Wang, J