CO’s Announcement: Cadet Promotion (FCpl to Sgt) 17 Nov 21 

In the Cadet Program, all persons are to follow the Cadet Administrative and Training Order (CATO). 

According to CATO 13-02, promotion to the rank of Sergeant (Sgt) must have: 

  1. completed at least six months service at the rank of FCpl, 
  2. successfully completed the fourth year of the proficiency level training program, 
  3. achieved a minimum of “completed without difficulty” in PO 403 (Leadership), 
  4. participated in the Cadet Fitness Assessment as part of PO X04 (Personal Fitness & Healthy Living), and 
  5. been recommended by… 

The Cadet Program should not be regarded as an optional hobby for young people. It is training which requires years of learning and experience. To some cadets, it becomes an enjoyable lifestyle which allows them to become successful in their lives later on. 

Cadets in the rank of Sergeant (Sgt) are ready to take more responsibility in the leadership roles. They will learn and practice the “Transactional Leadership” which focuses on the knowledge and skills associated with conducting leadership. Emphasis is placed on how to employ people and resources to get results. It is about accomplishing a specific duty or task (i.e. Leadership Assignments, conducting meetings, solving problems, etc.). 

Cadets who wonder why they are not getting promotions should enquire through the Chain-of-Command (CoC). It may be due to an Administrative error, or there are improvements needing to be made by the cadets. 

Promotion is never the end of a goal but the beginning of another learning level. 

Congratulations to the following cadets who are promoted to the rank of Sergeant (Sgt): 

  • Sgt Abdi G.
  • Sgt Feng S.
  • Sgt Guo J.
  • Sgt Lai T.
  • Sgt Liang M.
  • Sgt Liu B.
  • Sgt Liu D.
  • Sgt Ren T.
  • Sgt Sinn C.
  • Sgt Szeto E.
  • Sgt Yao M.