CO’s Announcement: the Training Staff have made recommendation for the promotion of the below listed cadets. With much pleasure and according to CATO 13-02, I hereby approve and announce the following promotions:

1) From Sgt to Flight Sergeant (FSgt):

  • FSgt Chan, E
  • FSgt Ching, I
  • FSgt Fan, G
  • FSgt Low, C
  • FSgt Wong, A

2) From FCpl to Sergeant (Sgt):

  • Sgt Zhu, A

3) From LAC to Corporal (Cpl):

  • Cpl    Chan, K
  • Cpl    Chan, V
  • Cpl    Dong, R
  • Cpl    Kwan, K
  • Cpl    Liu, R
  • Cpl    Ma, K
  • Cpl    Park, J
  • Cpl    Pu, D
  • Cpl    Ridgway, K
  • Cpl    Wang, A
  • Cpl    Wun, I
  • Cpl    Wun, N

4) From Cadet to Leading Air Cadet (LAC)

  • LAC    Huang, C
  • LAC    Mazloom-Farzaghy, S K
  • LAC    Shen, L

Congratulations to the promoted cadets!