CO’s Announcement: Cadet Promotions – FCpl 12 Jan 22.

In the Cadet Program, all persons are to follow the Cadet Administrative and Training Order (CATO). Cadets should find and read CATO 13-02 regarding cadet promotions. 

Each Cadet promotion is a milestone to recognize the efforts that a cadet has made. Many factors are taken into account, including good attendance, participation, and performance. The full cadet training shall take six years to complete. During such time, a junior cadet will learn to become a senior cadet who can plan, conduct, and lead activities. However, there are always a few exceptional cadets whose performances exceed the standards. The skills and knowledge they acquire to succeed in the Cadet  Program will guide them to be successful in their future lives. With these experiences, they will have greater proficiency to deal with the inevitable challenges that come their way. 

Every cadet in the 8 Globemaster family has an equal opportunity to learn and excel. It is always a matter of determination, goal setting, and working attitude. 8 Globemaster Staff are always ready to assist.

The following Cadets have been promoted to the rank of Flight Corporal (FCpl):

  • FCpl Ahn, J 
  • FCpl An, H
  • FCpl De Silva, T
  • FCpl Liu, S
  • FCpl Trang, A