From February 10-12, the Level 1s and 2s at 8 Globemaster enjoyed their first experience on a Field Training Exercise (FTX). The FTX was held at Shadow Lake Centre, and cadets spent the weekend learning about aircrew survival, radio communications, map & compass and physical fitness required for the completion of the Aircrew Survival requirement of their Level Training, and bonding with their fellow peers.

Many thanks go out to Staff, Level 5s, and those Level 3 and 4s who helped organize this event. Cpl Ko K, shares his experience:

As a level 2, I was able to experience an overnight FTX for the very first time as a cadet and I’ll say, it was quite the experience including being able learn about many important lessons that can’t necessarily be taught at a normal training night. During the second day, we watched the movie “Bad Guys” which I found pretty interesting speaking about how much the plot changes. There were many fun things that happened like a star gazing lesson with FSgt Li, D. which was my personal favorite. We also had the chance to see a bonfire which for some of us, was our first time, and roast marshmallows as well. We were lucky enough to be able to sleep in heated cabins instead of hoochies, which some of us wanted to experience. Overall, the FTX was a grand experience and I’m glad I was able to enjoy it with [most of] my peers.