This past weekend on Saturday, February 25, cadets from 8 Globemaster Squadron participated in the stage 2 marksmanship competition. Bravo Zulu to all the cadets that participated in the competition!

Cdt Tse H, and WO2 Ho A share their experiences:

“It was a new and unique experience. The shooting was thrilling but my friends made the experience even better.”

Cdt Tse Hilary

“The Marksmanship competition is back, and we couldn’t be happier after what seemed like an eternity of Zoom exercises and virtual training! To be ready for this, our team members have been working hard and sweating bullets (figuratively speaking, of course). And let me tell you, even Hawkeye from The Avengers would be amazed at how credible their aim was! Being able to once again demonstrate our sharpshooting abilities and participate in this competition is fantastic.”

WO2 Ho Angus