On March 27, 2022, select 8 Globemaster Squadron cadets participated in the COA Marksmanship zone-14 Competition. Participating were two teams, comprised of five cadets; with two juniors per team.

Due to the pandemic, in-person shooting practices were limited and competition shooting was conducted locally at Legion 375, with scores submitted via mail. Despite these obstacles, the two teams of cadets worked hard and performed well. Competition results have yet to be released, but we are proud of the team’s efforts, and wish them the best of luck as they await zone results.

1 LAC Choy J
2 LAC Kwan K
3 LAC Wang A
4 FCpl Chau C
5 FCpl Zhu A
6 Sgt Romero C
7 Sgt Sar E
8 FSgt Ho A
9 FSgt Huang F
10 FSgt Wang Evan

The three cadets who obtained the highest individual scores at 8 Globemaster were:
1. FSgt Wang E
2. FSgt Ho A
3. FCpl Zhu A

Each cadet who participated in competition will be awarded the Cadet Marksmanship bronze pin.