Hey, 8 Globemaster! As exam week is just around the corner for students in grades 9-12, here are some helpful studying tips.

Have a Realistic Study Schedule

You may have devised an intensive study schedule, however, it’s unrealistic to study consecutively for numerous hours. Ensure your schedule is realistic and includes breaks. Know when to stop and remember it’s okay to take breaks. Your mental well-being is always your #1 priority.

Focus on Areas of Improvement

When studying, many students tend to allocate an equal amount time for each subject or unit. However focusing more on your weaknesses when studying will help your academic knowledge become more well-rounded and demonstrate academic growth.

Establish a Routine

Having a set routine will help you focus more and develop healthy habits. If you don’t normally do something, starting before exams or a test can be risky. Establish a routine that is healthy for your diet and sleeping schedule.


Always prioritize yourself above all else. For extra support, you can contact Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868.