In the Cadet Program, all persons are to follow the Cadet Administrative and Training Order (CATO), and they should find and read CATO 13-02 regarding cadet promotions. A junior cadet can impress and show good cadet performance by attendance, participation and follow given instructions. On 9March2022 a number of cadets were promoted! Please read on to learn more…

Cadets are encouraged to prepare themselves well for cadet training by:

  • study the Squadron website for rules & regulation
  • sign up for clubs & activities
  • check the Squadron website regularly for training updates & information
  • make it a routine to check your email daily, as instructions & notification will be sent by emails

Every cadet in the 8 Globemaster family has the equal opportunity to learn and excel. It is always a matter of determination, goal setting, and working attitude. 8 Globemaster Staff are always ready to assist.

The following cadets are promoted to Leading Air Cadet (LAC):

  • LAC        Abdi, M
  • LAC        Bajwa, A
  • LAC        Chan, A H-Y
  • LAC        Chan, A H-K
  • LAC        Chan, S N
  • LAC        Chan, S Y
  • LAC        Cheung,J
  • LAC        Choy, J
  • LAC        Dong, R
  • LAC        Faria, A
  • LAC        Hosseini, A
  • LAC        Huang, D
  • LAC        Jin, R
  • LAC        Ko, K
  • LAC        Kwan, K
  • LAC        Lai, B
  • LAC        Liu, R
  • LAC        Lu, L
  • LAC        Ma, K
  • LAC        Myrden, Z
  • LAC        Park, J
  • LAC        Pu, D
  • LAC        Qiu, R
  • LAC        Ridgway, K
  • LAC        Siu, T
  • LAC        Tong, C
  • LAC        Trang, V
  • LAC        Trinh, N
  • LAC        Wang, A
  • LAC        Wang, A
  • LAC        Wu, J
  • LAC        Wun, H H
  • LAC        Wun, W H
  • LAC        Yong, I
  • LAC        Yu, C
  • LAC        Zhang, K
  • LAC        Zhang, M

Congratulations to the promoted cadets!