Are you looking for a chance to volunteer? Look no further than this; individuals are encouraged to make a positive impact on their local environment as private citizens (not as a cadet representative).

The 10,000 trees event is a York Region Tree Planting Initiative that will be held on April 30, 2022 at Robinson Creek (Major Mackenzie & McCowan). Activities may include “unloading plant stock from delivery trucks, loading up small trailers, watering the potted plants with mycorrhizal inoculate, and unloading the plants at stations in the field (3850 plants to be distributed.)  Most of the deliveries will take place in the morning between 8 am to noon.  There is also a smaller delivery around 450 trees around 2 pm. 

All individuals who are interested may sign up, by clicking on the following link for the 10,000 Trees website.

No FTU or any cadet uniform is allowed.

The organizer will provide community hours –