As Remembrance Day approaches us, cadets shall wear a poppy on their uniform starting on the last Friday of October, until November 11th. The Poppy is the international symbol of remembrance, and by wearing it, you honor the fallen.

Cadets shall wear the poppy with respect, over the left breast and close to the heart. Decorative pins are not to be used when attaching the poppy to your uniform.

The Poppy should be worn on:
• FTUs: Top centre of the rank tab
• DEUs: Top left pocket flap of the tunic, left pocket flap of the shirt, left chest of the parka

We encourage you to learn more and visit the How to Wear a Poppy FAQ pages and to know the current online CJCR Dress Instructions, Chapter 4, item 17. A link to a visual can be found referencing page 4A-1 (Fig. 4A-A).